Whataburger brings back chili cheese burger and jalapeño cheddar biscuit

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Whataburger Chili Cheese Burger (Whataburger photo)


The chili cheese burger, jalapeño cheddar biscuit and white chocolate raspberry shake have all made their return to the Whataburger menu this fall to soothe the appetite of those longing for cooler weather fare.

Those of you who don’t think Whataburger has gone downhill, according to redditors apparently, can feel free to satisfy those cravings that haven’t been fulfilled since these offerings were last on the menu, going back to 2022.

The burger chain with Texas pride hyped up the return of these menu items in a news release Tuesday hoping to cash in on the fall feels.

“Staying true to serving up bold flavors, fresh ingredients and original recipes, Whataburger is unveiling its newest limited-time offers,” the release stated.

These items are offered seasonally and are available for a limited time at Whataburgers everywhere.

Whataburger Chili Cheese Fries (Whataburger photo)