French Air Traffic Controller Strike September 15, 2023

Transport sector strikes in France are set to continue in September as the Air Traffic Controllers have given notice of a one-day long work stoppage amid the Rugby World Cup.

You can expect widespread disruption not only to flights set to land and take off at various French airports but also to those that utilize the country’s airspace if the strike on September 15, 2023, goes forward.

Several unions in France represent Air Traffic Controllers, and so far, only the largest one, SNCTA, has given the strike notice, but other unions may join.

The union is also planning another work stoppage on October 13, 2023.

You should pay attention to this possible strike, especially if you plan to fly to/from/via/over France on the strike date, as there will be many canceled and delayed flights.

The EU’s EC 261/2004 legislation required community airlines and those flying from EU/EEA to rebook affected passengers to their final destinations at the earliest opportunity and to provide Duty to Care (hotels and meals) in case of long delays.


It has been relatively quiet in the work stoppage sector in Europe in the past couple of months, but I assume that strike activity will return now that the summer travel season is over.

You should pay attention to these strikes because they affect long-haul flights before and after the strike day and may lead to missed connections and ruined travel plans.